2014 MISL Roster

Major Indoor Soccer LeagueListed below are the Major Indoor Soccer League officials along with their hometowns and years of league experience:

Kyle Atkins
Kansas City, Mo., 1

Mark Bailey
Baltimore, 14

Shane Butler
St Louis, 12

Ryan Cigich
Chicago, 14

Ron Cory
Kansas City, Mo., 23

Joe Dellapenna
Philadelphia, 14

Michael Donovan
Baltimore, 3

Rich Grady
Chicago, 21

Mark Kadlecik
Raleigh, N.C., 3

Jason Krnac
Cleveland, 14

Elvis Mahmutovic
St. Louis, 1

Brian Martin
Kansas City, Mo., 12

Steve Montanino
Rochester, N.Y., 3

Stan Nagle
Philadelphia, 9

Shaun Papperman
Baltimore, 2

Chip Reed
White Plains, N.Y., 4

Aaron Rench
Kansas City, Mo., 5

Ermanno Rossi
Wichita, Kan., 13

Kyle Trimble
Milwaukee, 7

Tim Tyma
Cleveland, 13

Jamey Walter
Milwaukee, 8

Doug Wolff
St. Louis, 1

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