Most officials would love to be able to pick up some tips and advice regularly to get better, but for most of us, it’s tough to fit everything in our lives. Work, family and officiating… who has time to read training materials?

What if a new type of resource was available? One that focused in on just the specific rules that are easiest to misinterpret or apply? What if that same resource was designed so you could get real, expert advice and tips on how to get better, but lets you get through each rule less than 10 minutes? On top of all that, what if it was actually fun to read?

Well pinch yourself, because that’s not a dream sequence, it’s real. 9 Rules You Thought you knew for baseball and softball** is a totally new type of training product. Built from the ground up, you get a compact, east-to-read tool that you can look at (and get something out of) whenever you have some free time.

In each 2-page rule spread you’ll get the Referee master-class tips and rule breakdowns that you trust and expect. PLUS it’s all dished out with innovative graphics and dynamic designs that make it exciting to examine each of these often-misunderstood rules in 9 minutes or less. Designed from the ground up, you get 9 challenging rules in 24 high definition pages that you can dig into anywhere.

And we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet… It only costs $4.95. Yep, powerful, fun and affordable. What’s not to love?

Take a look at the samples available on the Referee Training Center and pick up a copy for yourself… or multiple copies for a big bulk discount.



** Football, Volleyball and Basketball versions of 9 Rules will be available later in 2017.

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