Tough Calls Series: Block/Charge


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There are few calls in Basketball that take as much skill NOT to call as to call. Blocks and Charges are two of the toughest. Tough Calls: Block/Charge is a full breakdown of the calls and all their complexities. With the speed of today’s game and the athletes who play it and the number of opportunities to call or not call has escalated, and you need all the expertise you can get to perfect your knowledge and the mechanics needed to implement it.

Not only will you get a great in-depth examination of blocks and charges, you’ll get more than 20 video plays that emphasize the most important points. Live game situation and staged training videos are referenced throughout the book to reinforce and elaborate on what you’ll be learning.

Luminaries from the world of basketball officiating have contributed to this new volume. John Adams, Debbie Williamson, Lisa Mattingly, Dee Kantner, John Lozano and Peter Webb all contributed their vast experience to help make you a better official.

As you prepare for your season, plan to pick up a copy of Tough Calls: Block/Charge.

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