2013-14 Study Guide: College Baseball Rules

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Pages: 198
Size: 8.5″ x 11″

College baseball is changing. Every year the athletes are faster and the action quicker. Are you keeping up? Fast footwork and a keen eye are important, but so is a deep understanding of the rules. If you can recall your rules knowledge with lightning speed and accuracy, you’ll be that much closer to getting every call correct. Study Guide: College Baseball Rules is THE rules resource for college umpires. Written by veteran umpire George Demetriou, this guide is a user-friendly supplement to learning the NCAA baseball rules. Rulebooks are written as references – this book is a teaching tool and study guide. Its sole purpose is making you a better umpire. In addition to clarified definitions, support material and case plays, you’ll get rule book references and a comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge.

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