Tough Calls Series: Traveling

Tough Calls Series: Traveling

Price: $17.95
NASO Member Price: $14.36
Item Code: BBKTCT
Pages: 80
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Not only will you get a top notch training book, you’ll also get DVD video breakdown of the most important points. Live-game video situations are referenced throughout the book to reinforce and elaborate on what you’ll be learning. Tough Calls: Traveling is a full breakdown of the call and all its complexities. With the speed of today’s game and the athletes who play it, you need all the expertise you can get.

Luminaries from all levels of the sport have contributed to this new volume.

  • Former NBA referee Steve Javie
  • Violet Palmer, NBA referee and Pac-12 and West Coast conference coordinator of women’s basketball officials
  • Ed T. Rush, former NBA director of officials and Pac-12 coordinator of men’s basketball officials
  • High school and college basketball official Daniel Shepardson, who served on the NFHS Basketball Rules Committee from 2005-08
  • Peter Webb, Maine state basketball commissioner and IAABO coordinator of rules interpreters and trainers
  • Georgia High School Association Associate Director Ernie Yarbrough, who officiated high school and college basketball for 30 years and served on the rules committee from 2009-12
  • Ohio High School Athletic Association Assistant Commissioner Henry Zaborniak, who is the current chair of the high school rules committee and a former high school and college official

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