2015 NFHS High School Football: Rules By Topic


Price: $8.95
Item Code: BFBRBTR15
Pages: 320
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″


All the Official Rules and Caseplays together in one place!

The Rules by Topic merges the rule book and the case book so you can see everything that applies to a particular rule together in one place. The rules and caseplays are organized by game topics so you don’t have to hunt for what you need.

Topics covered:

  • Rules changes & new caseplays
  • Field and Equipment
  • Kicks
  • Plays from Scrimmage
  • Contact
  • Substitutions & Participation
  • Enforcements
  • Time-Outs and Other Play Stoppages
  • Game Officials and Their Duties
  • Nine-, Eight-, and Six-Player Rule Differences
  • NFHS Signal Chart
  • Penalty Summary

Many officials have said that once they started training with Rules by Topic, they’ve never gone back to using both the rulesbook & casebook again. Rules by Topic might be the most powerful rule study tool available. It WILL help you better understand the rules – and how to apply them.


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