Officiating To A Standard: Define it, Develop it, Deliver it

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Pages: 120
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In today’s world officials are within reach of many more interested parties than ever before, and are accountable to all of them.

Supervisors have used that reach to set a standard of mechanical performance and personal behaviors that only recently would have been unimaginable. Today, they know exactly what each of their officials is doing and can dictate the behavior they desire, with video and data to reinforce it. Coaches can keep a book on virtually any official and crew and channel their opinions into a coordinated voice seeking standardization of performance. Fans can dispatch whatever information or opinion of the officials they want into cyberspace without any legal or practical responsibility for the content.

This book summarizes these new relationships in the context of how officials got to this juncture and where that surge will take them.

Chapters include:

• Talent is Not Enough
• The Leader Within
• Officiating Standards in Practice
• Indisputable Evidence
• Online Officiating
• Dealing with Officials’ Misconduct
• Background Checks

Today, more than ever before, officials are held responsible for their actions – whether it is during competition or not. It is important that all officials enforce rules, manage games and build relationships through consistent and appropriate behavior. You will find some clarity to these questions: What is right? Are there standards to follow? Where are the standards? and Who sets the standards?

We encourage every official to learn from this innovative collaboration on topics that are impacting all aspects of the officiating industry.

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