2016 CCA Softball Collegiate Umpires Manual


Price: $19.95
NASO Discount Not Applicable
Item Code: CCASB16
Pages: 352
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

The CCA Softball Umpire’s Manual provides collegiate baseball umpires with a resource that will help them build the skills necessary to meet the demands of today’s college athletic competition. Whether you work in one conference, mulitiple regional conferences or conferences across the nation, these are the standardized mechanics you need to follow. Scores of important mechanics are detailed throughout with Referee’s exclusive PlayPic™ and MechaniGram™ illustrations, and any changes from the previous year are examined in-depth.


  • An exclusive interview with the national coordinator
  • Updated mechanics for 2016
  • Signals chart
  • Highlighted points of emphasis
  • And much more!

Sample Chapter


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