Referees / Int’l Since

Marie-Soleil Beaudoin (Ontario) 2014

Mathieu Bourdeau (Quebec) 2015

Carol Anne Chenard (Ontario) 2006

Sheena Dickson (Alberta) 2013

Margaret Domka (Wis.) 2007

Mark Geiger (N.J.) 2008

David Gantar (Alberta) 2011

Edvin Jurisevic (Neb.) 2009

Ekaterina Koroleva (Wash.) 2014

Jair Antonio Marrufo (Texas) 2007

Christopher Penso (Ohio) 2013

Michelle Pye (British Columbia) 2007

Ricardo Salazar (Calif.) 2005

Baldomero Toledo (Calif.) 2007

Christina Unkel (Fla.) 2013

Armando Villarreal (Texas) 2015

Referee Assistants

Frank Anderson (Calif.) 2012

Daniel Belleau (Quebec) 2007

NASO Interrupter – Be VIP Every time You Travel NASO (640px x 165px)

Eric Boria (Ill.) 2011

Chantal Boudreau (Saskatchewan) 2015

Philippe Briere (Quebec) 2010

Marie Josee Charbonneau (Quebec) 2012

Marlene Duffy (Calif.) 2008

Joseph Fletcher (Ontario) 2007

Marie-Han Gagnon-Chretien (Quebec) 2015

Adam Garner (Texas) 2014

Mark S. Hurd (Fla.) 2009

Peter Manikowski (Mass.) 2012

Felishia Mariscal (Calif.) 2014

Suzanne Morisset (Quebec) 2008

Charles J. Morgante (Pa.) 2007

Corey Parker (Pa.) 2015

Veronica Perez (Calif.) 2008

Corey Rockwell (Ariz.) 2007

Amanda Ross (W.Va.) 2014

Adam Wienckowski (Md.) 2007

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