Crew 1

Reggie Smith (Big 12)
Adam Savoie (ACC)
Brad Hudak (Big Ten)
Dale Keller (Pac 12)
Maia Chaka (C-USA)
Daniel Gauetraux (SEC)
Maurice Pierre (C-USA)
Jimmy DeBell
Glenn King

Crew 2

James Carter (SEC)
Amanda Sauer-Cook (Big Ten)
Mike Moten (SEC)
Mike Dolce (Big Ten)
Steve Matarante (ACC)
Glen Fucik (SEC)
Clay Reynard (Pac 12)
Justin Nelson (Pac 12)
Mike Chase (NFL)

Crew 3

Jeff Heaser (ACC)
Chris Snead (SEC)
Scott Campbell (Big 12)
Cravonne Barrett (Pac 12)
Robin DeLorenzo
(Big Ten)
Lo VanPham (Big 12)
Frank Steratore (Big Ten)
Joe Johnston (Pac 12)
Robert Lu (NFL)

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Crew 4

John O’Neill (Big Ten)
Ron Turner (SEC)
William Thomas (ACC)
Rod Ammari (Pac 12)
Thomas Eaton (SEC)
Sebrina Brunson (SEC)
Justin Larrew (SEC)
Tyree Walton (Big 12)
Terri Valenti (NFL).

Crew 5

Brandon Cruse (Big 12)
Tab Slaughter (Big 12)
Mike Morton (ACC)
Tangela Mitchell (SWAC)
Brett Bergman (Big Ten)
Anthony Fleming (Big 12)
Eric Hartman (ACC)
David Ross (Pac 12)
Mark Butterworth (NFL)

Crew 6

Tra Blake (ACC)
Larry Smith (Big Ten)
Frank Villar (Pac 12)
Jim Wharrie (Pac 12)
Quentin Givens (Big 12)
Max Causey (C-USA)
LaShell Nelson (C-USA)
Grantis Bell (SEC)
Saleem Choudry (NFL)

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