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Tips For Volleyball’s Toughest Calls

No matter your experience level on the stand, every volleyball official deals with the toughest calls in the game. Play at the net can...

One Constant In Times Of Change

Every sports official has ups and downs in their career. This past year, in many parts of the country, the officiating industry itself was...

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Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

Sport-Specific Articles

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General Officiating

Nolan Ryan’s Final Hit Batter: August 4, 1993

In his illustrious 27-year career, Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan hit 158 batters. “He did not have a reputation as a headhunter,” said retired...

Get a Leg Up and Stretch

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), flexibility plays a key role in developing optimum performance and recovery. Although it is often...