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Referee abuse: “Hey, it’s only a game!”

After all, why should a high schooler or young adult want to stand there and take endless verbal abuse after close call?

OP-ED: Angry parents are ruining youth sports. Here’s how to rein them in.

Black eyes and bloody noses are returning, this time the injuries aren’t just among the athletes but referees and umpires too.

CHSAA: Michael Book selected as assistant commissioner in charge of sports officials

The Colorado High School Activities Association names Michael Book to be the next Assistant Commissioner in charge of Sports Officials.


NFHS CEO Karissa Niehoff says the boorish behavior of fans who attend sporting events is being normalized and even encouraged.

WATCH: NFL Hires Lo Van Pham as first Asian-American official

Lo Van Pham talks about being hired into the NFL with Greg Sherman.

Don’t put officials shortage on the back burner, Oklahoma. Now is the time for...

Have we gotten to the point where the shrinking number of officials has caused the cancellation of so many games that it’s become...

Man who punched teen soccer ref apologizes

The man who was captured on video assaulting a teenage soccer referee has apologized, saying he's "deeply pained" by his actions and is...

Camp Preparation Do’s and Don’ts

You can stand out at an officiating camp best by doing exactly what your prospective boss expects in everything that matters. What matters?...

Tips for When You Struggle on the Bases

What do you do when you’re struggling on the bases? We’re all going to have bang-bang plays where we do everything right but...

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs: How officials handle the intensity, scrutiny of postseason hockey

Before each round of the playoffs, commissioner Gary Bettman holds a mandatory call for coaches and general managers.

Safety and Warmups When a Team Arrives Late

As a sports official, you’ve been there. You’ve fought the traffic to show up to a field on a cold, rainy day, in...

IHSA launching ‘Officiating 101’

The Illinois High School Association is hoping a new effort will help persuade more people to become officials for prep sporting events.
ball-watching football official

Ball-Watching Afflicts Veterans and Newer Officials Alike

Two huge mistakes that officials can make are ball-watching and officiating air. The former means watching the runner to the exclusion of what’s happening around him. The latter...

NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee plans to clarify definition of flopping

The NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee plans to better define rules regarding flopping in the coming weeks.

NCAA Women’s basketball to experiment with technology rule

The Women's Basketball Rules Committee approved an experimental technology rule to allow teams to view live video on their bench.

Defeat Negative Attitudes. Enjoy Your Games.

Situational negativity occurs when a specific recent incident causes one official to adopt a negative attitude toward another official. Imagine a football crew...

NFL announces hiring of 10 new on-field officials for 2022 season

The NFL has 10 new game officials for the 2022 season, all previously officiated within the Power 5 college football conferences.

Referee Magazine – June 2022 Preview

Features He Rings True. A job well done — not accolades — is what drives NCAA umpire Perry Costello. An Open Letter to...

Hair Adornment Use Clarified; Shot Clock Guidelines Adjusted in Basketball Rules

The allowance of hair adornments made of hard material and shot clock guideline adjustments have been made in high school basketball.

Umpire Mike Maconi doubles as Phillies’ official scorer

“People aren’t understanding that. Umpires don’t care who wins or loses. The guys just want to make a few extra bucks and they...

‘Make the call’: Florida schools in need of referees

The referee shortage has led the Central Florida Officials Association to ask local school districts to reschedule football games.

WATCH: Youth sports officials fleeing as parents threaten to derail kids’ sports

Sports psychologist Rick Wolff and retired NFL player Scott Wells joined 'One Nation with Brian Kilmeade' to discuss officials fleeing youth sports.

Amid increasing abuse, officials flee youth sports

When one looks at the ugly bruise encircling Kristi Moore’s left eye, it’s not surprising so many refs and umps are hanging up...

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