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Man arrested for attacking umpire at Little League game in Kentucky

An Owensboro, KY man is behind bars after being accused of assaulting a little league umpire during a game on Thursday evening.

What Do You Have to Hide?

Knock, knock. “Hello, Mr. Smith. We’re with the state association. We’re conducting a little check of all our registered officials. You don’t mind...

Women Officials Working NHL Prospect Tournaments

Linespersons Kirsten Welsh, Alexandra Clarke, and Grace Barlow will be taking the ice this weekend on different sides of the continent.

OSAA speaks out against harassment of officials

The Oregon School Activities Association has a message for fans of high school sports: stop harassing the referees or more games will be...

NBA enters new collective bargaining agreement with National Basketball Referees Association

The seven-year agreement, which was announced Thursday, starts with the 2022-23 season and stretches through 2028-29.

NFHS Overtime: Officiating “First” in Mississippi

NFHS Overtime, a video series featuring some of the spectacular performances and outstanding stories from the world of high school activities.

NFL: Week 2 referee assignments

John Hussey will be the referee for the AFC West clash on Thursday between the Chargers and Chiefs. Jerome Boger is off this...

First Base Barricade

Obstruction is a common occurrence in softball. It happens most often at home plate as catchers try to prevent a runner from scoring....

Seeing Is Believing

No matter what umpiring mechanics are being used in a particular game — whether it’s a single umpire working a youth baseball game...

Zeroed In

One of the biggest challenges in officiating is how to be completely locked in mentally for the entire game. It is of upmost...

Referees Are Quitting, Lack Of Respect On The Field May Be The Reason

Unsportsmanlike behavior from students, coaches, parents, and fans all contributed to the referee shortage, in addition to the pandemic-related challenges.

Moving out of bounds and setting pins: the side of refereeing you don’t see

They don’t tell you this when you’re sitting the Rules of Golf exams.

Denver Public Schools searching for part-time referees amid major shortage

Denver Public Schools is in need of adults who are free on Friday nights to help with a big referee shortage.

Slot Machine

The most important job in a game, and often the most difficult, is calling an accurate strike zone. In order to be accurate,...

Leap Into the New Year

At its recent annual council meeting in Oklahoma City, USA Softball voted to adopt several new rule changes for the 2022 season. The...

No Happy Accidents

Last summer, I was working the bases as part of a two-person crew when it became apparent the defensive team was thinking about...

Umpire George Magerkurth Ruled With An Iron Fist

S Umpire George Magerkurth ruled with an iron fist, which he wasn’t above wielding when challenged on a baseball diamond. Magerkurth worked 2,808 regular-season games...

One of Arkansas’ longest-tenured high school referee blows whistle in last season

Bobby Crafford has been a referee at high school games for more than 50 years. He told KATV, at age 86, it's time...

All Eyes Are On You

There are close plays all over a baseball field and in every game. Half-steppers at first base. Fingertips on stolen base attempts. Pitches...

5 Ways to Manage Conflict

When situations explode on the field or court, it's up to sports officials to restore the peace and manage conflict. In managing conflict, showing a little empathy, demonstrating good listening skills and providing people with options rather...

MLB passes significant rules changes including pitch clock, banning defensive shifts

A set of rules changes will fundamentally overhaul the game, including implementation of a pitch clock and banning of defensive shifts in 2023.

Travel vs. Fumble — Which is It?

There are times when a player who has control of the ball unintentionally drops it from his or her hands — a fumble...

Julie Voeck named NCAA women’s volleyball secretary-rules editor

Voeck will begin her new role Sept. 1, 2023. Over the next year, she will shadow Anne Pufahl, the current NCAA secretary-rules editor.

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