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Howard Webb takes on extra role as Premier League referee manager

Jon Moss has left his role as elite referee manager at the PGMOL, with Howard Webb taking on the extra responsibility.

One Official Among 2024 Class of National High School Hall of Fame

David Gore has been one of Oklahoma’s leaders in officiating for almost 50 years.

Rudy Gobert handed $100,000 fine

He made a money gesture towards an official during the Timberwolves’ loss against the Cavaliers.

Behind the Whistle: FitRec’s Ryan Parsons

"When we’re out there on the ice, it’s go time. You have to make sure you’re on for those 30 to 45 minutes."

Bob Delaney takes training to USF

Retired NBA referee is joining USF’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education to lead seminars.

U.S. water polo player Max Irving inspired by referee dad

From growing up in Long Beach to playing for the U.S. national team — Max Irving has drawn inspiration from his father.

New Mexico Coach Helping Players Become Officials

Some of his players have gone on to become college officials, and others are some of the more well-known officials in the area.

7 Reasons Why Communication With Your Partner Pays Off

The words “requires excellent communication skills” are part of virtually every job description in today’s market, to the point where they’ve become meaningless...

NCAA: Football Rules Committee proposes technology rules

All rule recommendations must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, scheduled for April 18.

High School Soccer Rule Changes

Rule 12 of the NFHS Soccer Rules Book has been revised and reorganized to include “Stopping a Promising Attack.”

Rowing: The Looming Ref Crisis

They have the most thankless job in our sport. Usually unpaid, often unappreciated, referees are graying.

MLB umpire Pat Hoberg to help at training clinic in Des Moines

MLB umpire will participate in a training clinic in Des Moines on Saturday, March 2.

Jen Pawol becomes 1st woman to ump MLB spring game since ’07

Pawol's spring training debut marked the first time since 2007 that a woman umpired a major league spring training game.

WIAA/WOA equips referees with body cameras

"We need to find a way to help people change their behavior," Hoffman said.

TODAY: See how MLB umpires train for the big leagues

Ever wonder what it takes to become an umpire in the major leagues? NBC’s Sam Brock goes to umpire school.

NCAA: Double contacts approved in women’s volleyball

NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee members debated the topic thoroughly at an in-person meeting in January.

In Florida and beyond, youth sports has problems, and it’s costing the kids

From referee shortages and hostile parents to club politics and fees, young athletes and officials are navigating.

Minnesota lawmakers consider bill that fines unruly youth sports fans

Lawmakers are again considering a bill that aims to stop unruly fans at youth sporting events by fining them $1,000.

NBA Says Referee Errors Are Down Amid Growing Complaints

“Errors are down. … About an error per game,” said NBA’s Senior VP of Referee Development and Training Monty McCutchen.

6 Things You Need To Know As Assigner

Now that you’ve agreed to be an assigner, what can you expect? From experience, I can tell you there’ll be high points and...

A Space to Make History – Setting Precedent on the Gridiron

Hanna Keller, a football official in Ohio, became the first woman to officiate an OHSAA state finals football game.

Bill protecting referees in Washington passes House, moves onto Senate

The House unanimously passed a bill that would protect referees, making it a Class C Felony to assault a referee.

Pawol to be first woman to umpire MLB Spring Training games since 2007

Pawol had been umpiring amateur baseball and softball for 10 years before making her pro debut in the Gulf Coast League.

LA Times – Upon further review: ‘In the world of officiating, Jim Tunney is...

And even midway through his 90s, Tunney still knocks it out of the park when recounting his storied career.

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