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Good Morning America: Youth sports face referee shortage crisis

Bad behavior from parents is causing a mass exodus of referees in youth sports, but the biggest losers could be children.

LA Times: Angry parents are ruining youth sports. Here’s how to rein them in.

One solution? When parents are abusive, take away their privilege of watching their kids play youth sports.

Death of a Union (May 2000)

Years of strife between the Major League Umpires Association and Major League Baseball came to a head in July 1999 when Richie Phillips,...


If you’ve officiated any length of time, you’ve had at least one coach urge you to be consistent in your rulings. Translated, that means, “Call everything so...

Craig Damon to be named the 11th Executive Director of the FHSAA

The Florida High School Athletic Association’s Board of Directors determined who would become the association’s 11th executive director.

Associated Press Column: Amid increasing abuse, officials flee youth sports

When one looks at the ugly bruise encircling Kristi Moore’s left eye, it’s not surprising so many refs and umps are hanging it...

NFL’s first female referee shares inspiration with audience

Sarah Thomas spoke at the Town Hall series in Yakima, Wash last week and provided inspiration for the audience.

Referee attacked at youth basketball game says he heard coach tell players ‘we’re going...

Sidney Freeman was refereeing a youth basketball game at a church when he was attacked. Now, he's speaking out.

NCAA Football Rule Changes

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved football rules changes that will take effect in the 2022 season.

Bad Behavior Drove a Referee Shortage. Covid Made It Worse.

For years, unruly parents have turned youth sporting events into a toxic environment - now an exodus of referees.

Umpire shortage cancels Indiana high school baseball games

High school baseball games are being canceled because of a lack of crews available to officiate the contests.

Leaders at NFHS Officials Consortium Suggest Changes in Attitudes, Behavior

Unacceptable behavior by coaches, parents and other spectators has pushed many officials to the sidelines.

Women’s Volleyball Officiating Consortium Announced

The Big West, Big Sky, Mountain West, Pac-12 and WCC have formed the first-ever Division I officiating consortium for women’s volleyball.

The Art of Being an Official (July/August 1977)

Building a schedule, working with other officials, managing the game — the very essence of what it takes to be and means to...

Pick the Proper Protocol with Pitchers

Every umpire will encounter pitchers who aren’t happy with him or her. I had a generous strike zone, but even so a pitcher...

Umpire returns from tragedy to help declining numbers

A day away from death, one man details the journey from tragedy as he tries to rally the troops or in this case...

Officially Human, Triple Crown Sports Announce Partnership

Triple Crown Sports and Officially Human are united in their concern about the shortage and treatment of sports officials.

Poise and Dignity Go a Long Way

The best way to answer criticism may be not to answer at all. Ignoring the remark denies it credence. No one of an...

Pitch clock shaving 20 minutes off minor league games while scoring nearly same; stage...

The implementation of a strict pitch clock across Minor League Baseball has shaved 20 minutes off game times.

Yawner? Blowout? Guess Again

Iremember sitting at the breakfast table on the morning of a late-season game between two cellar-dwellers. One official, a garrulous person whose normal...

Meet 12-Year-Old Referee Dreaming To Officiate World Cup Match

Bello Musa is a 12-year-old referee making a name for himself in the sporting sector in Kano, Nigeria.

9 Steps to Put Out the Fire

There are many ways an officials association can help itself before an issue arises. It just takes a little forethought, effort and common...

Abusive Behavior is Driving Youth Sports Officials Away From the Game

“COVID opened the door that was ajar regarding the officiating shortage with people questioning, ‘Why am I doing this?’”

“It was exhilarating:” Kelly Dine is first woman Big Ten baseball umpire

Ultimately, Dine’s passion led her to her role as a trailblazer when she recently became the first woman to umpire a Big Ten...

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