Football referee Nathan shares his story

Former Kidz Board member, Nathan Mattick, is the first wheelchair user to qualify as a football referee in the UK.

Massachusetts Youth Hockey Referees Are Quitting In Droves Due To Abuse

Massachusetts youth hockey lost 900 referees — down about half from the regular 1,700 to 1,800-person roster.

Referee Dave Jackson Joins ESPN NHL Broadcast Team

Hot on the heels of TNT hiring retired ref Don Koharski, ESPN announced that Jackson will be joining their broadcast team for the 2021-22...

Satisfaction still spikes for veteran volleyball referee

Porter is in her 47th season of officiating high school volleyball. She’s a member of the Colorado Volleyball Officials Association (CVOA) Hall of Fame.
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The trials and tribulations of being a referee

One of the things you need to have to be a referee is a very thick skin. I think that goes without saying.

Football player attacks official on field after game

Video shows a group of referees and officials gathered on the field at the 40-yard line at the end of the game. A referee...

NHL referee Jordan Samuels-Thomas is looking to break barriers

The NHL and the AHL announced their 2021-22 officiating roster last week and one notable name is African-American Jordan-Samuels Thomas.

NFL: London games will feature first-ever regular season alternate officials

DJ Ed Camp will be the alternate official for the Week 5 Jets-Falcons game and FJ Steve Zimmer will be the alternate for the...
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NBA Board of Governors approves instant replay changes

The changes to instant replay will be on a one-year trial basis for the 2021-22 season.

NFL: Week 4 referee assignments

Brad Allen is the referee for this week’s Thursday Night Football game as the Jaguars travel to Cincinnati. Clete Blakeman and his crew are...

Referee Tim Peel on the Hot Mic Incident

The recently-retired official talked about the March 23 hot mic incident that brought about his early retirement from the National Hockey League.

NFHS: All States Back in Action to Celebrate National High School Activities Month

The week of October 18-24 is National Coaches, Advisors, Officials and Sponsors Week.
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White Sox’s Tim Anderson to appeal three-game suspension after making contact with umpire

The MLB announced on Wednesday that it had suspended White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson for three games after he made contact with an umpire.

Referee Garrett Rank Advances at U.S. Mid-Amateur Golf Tournament

While his co-workers have returned to the rink, referee Garrett Rank is still hitting the links.

A high school football game was called off after a brawl

What was supposed to be a routine night of high school football devolved into one of chaos.

Umpire Joe West to retire at end of 2021 MLB season, report says

Joe West, one of baseball's most well-known umpires, is reportedly retiring at the end of the 2021 season.
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For the Three- and Four-Point Stance: Is This the End of the Line?

(9/25) In other words: Reducing the volume of head impact is, at least, on everyone’s mind.

Colorado high schools navigate a dire referee shortage during football season

With a police escort, Schouten and the referees drove 112 mph down Interstate 70.

Referee shortage cancels soccer game in the Metro East

Illinois and Missouri are dealing with a shortage of officials. According to Matt Troha with the IHSA, the pandemic is partly to blame.

Pop Warner cancels football season for teams due to bad spectator behavior

Pop Warner has canceled the rest of this year’s football season for three teams in Central New York due to bad spectator behavior.
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Referee shortage leading to postponed, cancelled games

Referees are frequently the target of verbal abuse coming from the stands from parents upset with calls. Fan behavior has gotten significantly worse in...

NFL: Week 3 referee assignments

Alex Kemp will lead his crew in Houston this Thursday night as the Panthers take on the Texans. Brad Allen and his crew are...

Referee shortage affects school sports

Lack of referees can lead to games needed to be changed to a different date, or worse getting cancelled all together.

Australian referee to become Premier League’s first overseas official

Australian Jarred Gillett will become the first overseas official to referee a Premier League clash when Watford host Newcastle United on Saturday.

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