Taxes / Reports / Paperwork

Taxes / Reports / Paperwork

Taxes / Reports / Paperwork

What Do You Have to Hide?

Knock, knock. “Hello, Mr. Smith. We’re with the state association. We’re conducting a little check of all our registered officials. You don’t mind if...

How to Write an Officiating Resumé

Nine times out of 10, a bad resumé will land in the “circular file” before the first half is read. Some bad resumés are just...

Good Reports Earn You Respect

It’s a good idea to send misconduct reports — sometimes referred to as incident reports — to proper authorities, even if it’s not required....

Keep Expenses Simple or Be Sorry

"KISS” is an acronym for the design principle, Keep It Simple, Stupid! When talking about your officiating taxes, it should be "Keep Expenses Simple." The KISS principle...

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