Confidence is the key to success or optimum performance in any endeavor, but confidence is not a genetic mental thing as many think. Confidence is a very practical thing based on several factors, including competence, preparation, experience and knowledge of one’s core values.

Knowledge is power. Notice that smart people often have a lot of influence even when they don’t have a lot of authority. People listen to them and put a lot of stock in what they say. You’ll be respected by your peers and superiors if what you say and do reflects sound working knowledge of basic and complex rules especially.

The Referee Training Center contains the world’s most complete collection of rules training tools for football officials. Every major part of the game is broken down and explained in ways that not only make them easier to understand, but also, easier to implement consistently. Yes you need to study the rule book itself, but a deep nuanced understanding will only come with some extra effort.


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Free Guides Interrupter – The Ultimate Guide To Managing Coaches, Players & Fans (640px x 165px)

TARGETING AND OTHER PERSONAL FOULStargeting and other personal fouls for high school football

The most important call you have to make is a call that makes the game safer. Become force for change when you are able to anticipate and call fouls on violent content with confidence and consistency. ONLY $12.95

nine rules you thought you knew for high school football9 RULES YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW

Strips tough rules down to their core and lays them out in a way that makes sure there is no confusion. Enhanced with graphics to make prepping on these rules fast and fun. ONLY $4.95



high school football rules by topicHIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES BY TOPIC

Official NFHS Rules & Caseplays listed together. The Ultimate rules training tool. ONLY $10


high school football rules simplified & illustratedHIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES SIMPLIFIED & ILLUSTRATED

The only illustrated rule book adds graphics to official NFHS rules so you learn and remember faster & easier. ONLY $10


College football rules illustratedCOLLEGE FOOTBALL RULES ILLUSTRATED

NASO Interrupter – Training Has Evolved (640px x 165px)

Breaks down college rules with diagrams and illustrations so you can improve fast and perform at your highest level on the field. ONLY $17.95



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