Baseball season is fast approaching. Every umpire wants to look good and do well out there, as well as minimizing mistakes and missed calls. You need to prepare physically, but more importantly, you need to prepare mentally for the challenges you’ll face the moment you step on the court.

You could just use the rulebook and casebook, but we all know that only takes you so far. You could search the internet for tips from other officials, but can you trust that what they say is accurate? Rely on handouts from your association and hope they’re complete and up-to-date?

We get it, just trying to figure out what to train with is exhausting, and that’s before you even start. What you need is a single source for the important stuff. Something that covers all the high school rule changes and mechanics changes and points of emphasis. You need something that goes in depth to explain what those changes really mean for you and your crewmates. You need supporting information on how to better make the tough calls you’ll face and guidance on how to handle difficult situations with coaches and players.

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