Wandering coaches who drift beyond the coaching box often need reminding of the location of the box. Simple body language or hand gestures help to guide coaches to the designated area.

A few ways a coach presents issues:

Problem 1.

Occurs when the coach is outside the coaching box and on the court. Strict enforcement of the coaching box is a must when the coach is on the floor for the safety of the players, the coach and the officials.

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Problem 2.

In the first half, some coaches will stray outside of the coaching box toward the division line to get closer to call the offensive set. That is harder for the officials to detect since it is away from the action. The coach out near the division line can block the view of the table and prevent them from doing their jobs.

Problem 3.

Sometimes coaches go outside their box toward the endline. In college, the coach is allowed to go to the endline. In high school, the coach needs to stay 14 feet away from the endline. Generally, they will go outside of that area when they are near the bottom of the coaching box and when the center official adjusts down.

Problem 4.

A coach out of the box to react/demonstrate about a call generally will result in a technical foul being assessed. Enforcement of the coaching-box restrictions helps to keep the officials engaged in the game and prevents surprise run-ins with coaches.

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