We live in a society that is obsessed with quick fixes, fads and easy-way-out attitudes. Let’s touch on some of the main contributors of bad information when it comes to health and wellness. Bad fitness information can be passed along from one to another like a disease. It reminds me of the flu season when one individual in the work place gets sick and before you know it, everyone has come down with the illness. It’s no different with information in regard to exercising, eating and overall health. I hope to bust some of the myths and reveal the truth on common ideas by some individuals.


As you age, muscle will turn into fat.

Muscle and fat are composed of totally different types of cells. As we age there is a transformation that occurs in the body. Typically, testosterone levels will drop which can lead to decreased muscle cell size and, if eating the same amount of food in regards to caloric intake, fat cells will increase in size which leads to higher body fat percentages in the body.


A great exercise for the upper back is the pull-down behind the head.

Pull-downs are to be used as part of your strength training routine, but not behind the head. The bar should always be kept in front and pulled with control to chin level followed by a slow return. Pulling the bar behind the head puts you in a compromising position and makes you susceptible to injury.

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You can target fat loss to specific areas of the body like the abdominals or “love handles.”

We’ve all seen TV ads pitching devices that might help you strengthen the abdominal muscles, but not lose belly fat. To decrease body fat, follow a plan that focuses on nutrition, cardiovascular work and resistance training. You can target muscle growth through specific exercises, but you cannot target fat loss.


Using weight machines is completely safe because it puts you in the proper position.

Many different injuries can occur by the improper use of machine weights. Everyone is built differently; some people are shorter than others, for example. Machines have many different adjustable components and need to be set up specifically for you and your needs. Most fitness centers have professionals who can assist you.


Eating late in the evening or at night will cause weight gain. When you eat isn’t what causes weight gain.

The components to weight gain are what you eat, how much you eat and how much physical activity you perform throughout the day. It’s fine to snack at night if you have room in your “calorie budget,” but remember to snack healthy, like eating a piece of fruit.

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