We all remember with fondness those books we read as kids that let make choices as to how the story would develop. It was with that concept in mind that Referee editors went to work on Pick A Pregame for basketball officials.

Every game you officiate has a set of factors that change how you’ll do your job. Is it early in the season, or is it the playoffs? Is the game between a couple of cellar dwellers, two top teams or a mismatch? Are you working with experienced partners or mentoring a less experienced official?

All of those aspects should influence how you prepare and with Pick Your Pregame, you’ll have the tools to make that happen. One pregame does not fit all so we’re giving you easy outlines and quick discussion starters based off all those things that influence the game. You’ll be guided to the best pregame choice every time and given an easy-to-use chart to guide your discussion. The book is even spiral-bound to make it easier to use in the locker room.

Pick A Pregame: Match It To the Game You’ve Got is available for only $12.95 and can be purchased now at Bulk pricing as low as $7.12 each is available. Call 800-733-6100 for details.

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