Photo Credit: Dale Garvey

All sports have certain plays that define them at any point time. Games evolve and basketball is no exception. New techniques, faster and stronger athletes, and rule & mechanics changes all force the dedicated basketball referee to up their game over time.

Game Changers: Plays You Gotta Get Right will focus your thinking on the tough plays that you’re seeing right now, every game, that you have to get right.

Newer player techniques like the Eurostep and difficult judgment calls like the pass-and-crash are broken down for you in detail with expert analysis, diagrams and photos to support. You’ll feel a new sense of clarity and confidence for calling these hot-button plays, and that will translate into greater success on the court this season.

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Game Changers is a large-format, magazine-sized publication full of photos and diagrams.

Game Changers is available for just $9.95 and can be purchased in bulk for $6.97 or less starting in quantities of 10 or more. Learn more at or call 800-733-6100 for more details.

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