Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

Stories Do Tell

The other afternoon I took my pristine 1990 Saab SPG turbo, which has never been rained on to this day, in for some minor servicing. Alex, the customer service rep, wrote up my repair order. As I normally do in such cases (think dentists, doctors, auto parts counterpersons) I got a copy of the current Referee out of my trunk and gave it to him. Four days later, Alex phoned to say they figured out what the SAAB needed and it would be just a few days until all was fixed. I thanked him.

Then, as I was about to disconnect the call, Alex stopped me and said, “You know, that magazine you gave me last week, I looked through it and I wanted to say that I have not seen a magazine so loaded with content and with so few ads to get in the way. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with all the articles and columns in those pages.”

Here is a guy in the specialty-auto repair business and a copy of Referee got his attention that way. That sure puts a bounce in your step if you are in the content creation and delivery business.

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