Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

To Take Care of Our Own

Look, I get it that the money you normally bring in from officiating isn’t coming in. Heck, it might not come in for months or maybe another year. Seasons are being canceled and postponed. Mostly the games we are used to working ain’t there.

The quick reaction might be to turtle in, with regard to money spent on officiating. That is not an unreasonable reaction. But it could be one that dooms you and us in officiating to a lesser existence. By that I mean that if too many of us turtle in during this pandemic and not continue to support local, regional, state and national associations of sports officials, some of those will not be on hand to serve us when the dust settles. Think restaurants during these times.

It is in these very times you should continue to support the individuals and organizations that have made you feel a part of this community. You could decide that since the game fees are not rolling in, you are not going to pay dues to your local or state group – or a national association for that matter. That might make economic sense, but it does not make sense on a higher level. That level has to do with helping ensure that this community be able to survive, serve and soothe all of us.

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