If you had to sell officiating in 140 characters or less, what would you say?

“If you want to do something unique that sets you apart, something that will make you feel good about yourself, take the leap into officiating.”
— Mike Pereira, Fox Sports football rules analyst and former NFL vice president of officiating.

“Officiating is a perfect way to stay involved in the game. Provides a service for the community, plus it puts extra money in the bank!”
— Rick Force, baseball umpire at various levels, including Division I. He is the president of the New Hampshire Baseball Umpires Association.

“Wisdom, knowledge, endurance, patience, love of sport. You got those traits? We need you. Become a sports official. Today.”
— Julian Tackett, commissioner of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

“Best seat in the house! Great way to be intimately involved in a sport, its growth and to engage with others who love it as much as I do!”
— Katy Meyer, deputy executive director of Professional Association of Volleyball Officials and a longtime volleyball official.

“I never would’ve been able to go the places I’ve been, meet the people I’ve met or have the amazing memories I do, if not for officiating.”
— Joe Sullivan, a National Collegiate Hockey Conference official, was a product of the USA Hockey Junior Development Program and a referee for both the ECHL and AHL.

“Officiating allows me to remain part of the sport I love. I’m afforded opportunities to travel, and have created lifelong friendships.”
— Tracy Hart, 2014 and ‘15 Women’s College World Series softball umpire.

“Officiating can enhance your life! It is challenging, potentially rewarding and helps to create lifelong relationships. It might be for you!”
— Jim Corpora, Atlantic Coast Conference football official and Centennial Conference coordinator of football officials.

“Become an official! You keep looking forward to the next game long after your playing days are over. It’s a lifelong way to stay in sports.”
— Mark Uyl, NCAA Division I baseball umpire, college football official and the Michigan High School Athletic Association assistant director.

“It’s the most thrilling and rewarding part-time job you will ever have!”
— John W. Adams, former NCAA national coordinator of men’s basketball officiating.

“Officiating is a great opportunity to develop valuable qualities for life. It teaches you strength, leadership and integrity.”
— Juan Guzman, Professional Referee Organization soccer official who has been refereeing MLS games since 2011.

“Start officiating for a surprising journey that includes growth, friendships, financial gain, travel, fun, and you give back to the game.”
— Penny Davis, NCAA Division I women’s basketball referee.

“Being an official gives you the best seat in the house. You give back to sports you played and watched. Without officials, it’s just recess!”
— Clark Sanders, associate executive director of the Oregon Athletic Officials Association.

“Game official is often a thankless job, but if you’re diligent in your growth, it’s a vital way to ensure the application of rules stay current.”
— Hansen Leong, USA volleyball official.

“Stay involved in the sport you love, develop life skills that will last forever. Challenge yourself. Start officiating — the sky is the limit.”
— Terrence Miles, NFL back judge.

“Officiating has allowed me to have the best seat in the house and to be a part of the best team on the floor.”
—Garrick Shannon, NCAA Division I men’s basketball official.

“If you love softball, I cannot think of a better secondary occupation than umpiring. The benefits are boundless.”
—Lurline Hamilton, coordinator of softball officials for the Atlantic Sun, Big 12, Conference USA, Southeastern, Southland and Sun Belt.

“Officiating is a rewarding experience — being an integral part of a game and knowing every decision helped make it a success is a great endeavor.”
— George Wescott, NISOA president.

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Why Officiate?

“It is the best way in the world to stay with the sport you already love!”
— Roland Wiederaenders

“Don’t do it for the $$$, but for the love of the game!”
— Harald Lester Bainer Jr.

“It’s the most fun you can have with your pants on.”
— James T. Trossbach

“Get paid for your workouts!”
— Alex Pufhal

“Are you a player, former player or a fan? Be a part of the game with the best seat in the house, and be paid to be there. Become an official.”
— Ralph J. Hunter

“In love with the game? Get in the game! Grow with the game.”
— Michael Jordan

“Nirvana with a whistle.”
— Brian Holliday

“Nothing more rewarding than to see the youth in your community develop through sportsmanship from youth sports to high school. #rewarding”
— David Poplin

“Give back to the game(s) you love, make lifelong friends, have a little pocket change and keep yourself in shape. Do it!”
— Brian Eaves

“Great way to give back to the sport that taught me valuable life lessons.”
— Brian Trettin

“It’s the closest thing to playing! You will master the 4 Cs of officiating. The competition, the conditioning, the camaraderie and the cash!”
— Ray McDonald

“For the two hours you’re on the field or court, nothing else matters.”
— Frank Odeh

“Join the number one team in football; at every final anywhere in the world there is a team in stripes.”
— Lee Taylor

“Being an official is the second closest thing to being God himself.”
— Shanon Grasso

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