Custom Content

Custom Content

No matter the level, no matter the size – Officiating organizations across America have partnered withReferee to create polished, professional publications that cover everything needed to run, train and educate.

  • Custom Mechanics
  • Custom Rules
  • Preseason Guides
  • Postseason Primers
  • Instructors Guidebooks
  • Members Handbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Tests
  • Study Guides
  • Video and Multimedia

All these organizations have realized that you have to have good tools to build something great andReferee is the best in the business:


Whether you are looking to author your own instructional materials, build a manual from our library of copyrighted content, reorganize your existing text, or do all of the above, we can help. Referee Custom Publishing offers full service, turnkey custom publishing capabilities including project definition, management, editorial support and creative resources to fully leverage your ideas.


Governing bodies of collegiate and high school sports programs, conferences and leagues, state athletic and activities associations, officials associations, youth sports associations and professional sports leagues. Our clients have varied perspectives and needs. Whatever the requirements, we find a way to deliver the precise services that not only meet their expectations, but exceed them.


Referee Custom Publishing helps you to strengthen relationships with your members and present more in-depth information. You’ll be positioned as a leader in officiating education. If you are looking to redesign a current publication or are just considering the ways a custom publication can work for you, we have the equipment and technical skills needed to produce image-enhancing publications at a reasonable cost.Here are just a few of the things you can do with a customization program:

  • Enhance existing publications
  • Communicate with your association membership
  • Keep members up-to-date by providing association news, policies, benefit programs, rules, mechanics, the latest changes and other information
  • Create a directory of your national, regional and local leaders, members and other key contacts
  • Increase visibility and credibility with a publication providing information for and about your association
  • Generate revenue through paid advertising or sponsorship for your custom publication
  • Provide your members with quality, targeted information that will motivate and educate.


When it comes to resourceful solutions, we are diligent in fulfilling our clients’ objectives. Communication is the key to a healthy and successful working relationship, so we are adamant about following through with discussions and problem-solving interactions with all of our customers. We take the extra time to review and reassess the needs and requirements of every project. We are also keenly aware that our clients are budget-minded. Because we employ the most economical and efficient methods of publishing, not only do we meet our clients’ budgetary restrictions, but much to the delight of our satisfied clientele, we often find ways of coming in under budget!


Can I use Referee material in my custom publication? Referee Custom Publishing not only gives you the opportunity to publish your own original work, but also offers you the opportunity to include Referee’s copyrighted material including intellectual materials and Referee’s exclusive PlayPic® and MechaniGram® illustrations.


The price of your custom publication depends on the material you select to be included, the number of units you will need and other factors such as permission or royalty fees (if applicable). After an initial consultation, we will provide a formal written proposal covering the details of your custom publication and the final cost.


Many Referee Custom Publishing clients sell their custom publications or distribute them as part of their membership benefits (covered by member dues). Advertising sales and sponsorships also provide an excellent means to reduce or even eliminate your out-of-pocket cost for a custom publication.


Referee Custom Publishing editors and artists have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the publishing process, to help you convert your ideas into reality and to determine the best format for your project.

Simply contact Referee Custom Publishing for an initial consultation.

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