No matter how many games you’ve worked, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or preparing for your first season, there’s no way you can know it all.

Unfortunately, rookie umpires are all too often given a rule book, go to a few association meetings and are thrust out onto the diamond with an incomplete knowledge base. Conversely, veteran umpires sometimes pick-up bad habits over the years that they don’t even realize they have. Either way, you end up going out there and making mistakes or miscues that don’t make you look like the umpire you want to be.

The Stuff Nobody Told You is a timeless collection of some of the least taught but most important aspects of being a competent and professional umpire on and off the field. Whether it’s your appearance, your demeanor, the way you make calls or the way you interact with coaches and players, these tips and techniques, when applied, will serve to enhance the perception that you know what you’re doing and you’re supposed to be out there.

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