Photo Credit: Allen Kee / ESPN Images

Reporting fouls to the table is a time to project strength and believability. Your signal should lend credibility that you stand by your call and are confident in it.

Sometimes a coach might immediately question the merits of your call. The last opportunity you have to head off any of his or her doubt is during the report to the table. Make the report strong and often coaches will give you less pushback on the call.

For example, when signaling a holding foul to the table, make sure to use the appropriate signal. In some cases officials will extend one arm parallel to the ground and grab it with the other hand. Instead, hold one arm up in the air and grab the upward arm, as shown in the PlayPic.

You can project further strength when signaling a hold by moving the upward arm out to complete the signal. Consider making the signal from about the height of your shoulders to project strength and believability in the call.

If you make the report without confidence and strength, you will quickly open the door to pushback by a doubting coach.

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