Jerry Markbreit is one of the most well known and respected sports officials in the world. Not just in the football community but across the spectrum of officials. This respect is often tied to his legendary willingness to share his knowledge and experience with anyone who asked for it. It’s for that selflessness that he’ll receive the inaugural NASO Inspire Award in 2021 at the Sports Officiating Summit @ Home.

A few years ago Jerry was gracious enough to sit down with us and give some timeless advice for those working or aspiring to work as the white hat, the Referee, at any level of football. Enjoy these great pieces of wisdom from one of the best to ever blow a whistle.

Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about how to determine what is a pass and what is a fumble.

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Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about what the referee does when two officials have conflicting calls with one another and won’t back down.

Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about how to sound competent and confident on the microphone.

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Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about the importance of rules study and knowing all the penalty enforcements.

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Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about what needs to be done as the referee to ensure that the entire crew is on the same page on and out of the field.

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