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For basketball officials, the 2020-21 season is full of uncertainty. We don’t know exactly when we’re going to get to work, and what it’s going to look like when we do. We have to accept that there are aspects to this season that are simply out of our control.

What we can control though is our preparation. We can cancel out some of the uncertainty by making sure we’re ready whenever the games begin and whatever the games look like. That means eating healthier and exercising more so we’re in game shape on day one. It also means making sure we’ve been mentally preparing.

The Referee Training Center has a wide variety of top-quality guides, books and videos for basketball officials. Prep Basketball 2020-21, a large-format, full-color annual guide to the season is a great place to start.

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It takes you through new and recent rule changes and tough rules with simplified explanations and supporting illustrations. You’ll also get tips on improving your mechanics and techniques to handle difficult situations. It’s packed with caseplays and quiz questions that will help you figure out where your skills and knowledge might be weak and what you need to focus more time on. Prep Basketball 2020-21 a great value at just $18.95.

Since we haven’t been getting the reps we usually would working tournaments and other games during the Summer and Fall, it’s imperative that we watch as many quality video plays as possible. The Referee Training Center has two brand-new video products that will give you all the video you need.

Block/Charge: See It, Call It is a video guide that breaks down these difficult calls with teaching points and takeaways. It’s a fast at-home clinic that is sure to make you better. You Make the Ruling Vol. 12 is a general collection of hand-picked video plays that cover a wide range of calls and situations you’re going to face when you start working. Together these two videos will give you more than 2 hours of hd video clips you can watch over and over to knock off the rust and keep it off. Block/Charge: See It, Call It is available for $19.95 and You Make the Ruling is only $24.95, but you can get both in a special package for just $37.95 – a $7 savings.

Lastly, High School Basketball Definitions is a fantastic new book that all officials need to own. Whether you’re learning the rules for the first time or you need to correct the bad habits and gaps in your knowledge after years of experience, Rule 4, the Definitions, is the foundation of everything you do as an official. Can you really call blocks and charges if you don’t know the correct definition of Legal Guarding Position? What happens when you must explain a call to a coach, and you don’t know the right terminology? Definitions can you yours for just $14.95.

Don’t let the uncertainty of this season lead you to be complacent. This time is an excellent opportunity for you to fill gaps in your skills and knowledge, perfect your judgment and decision-making and make yourself the best official you can be… for this season and for the seasons to come. Visit to today to view the full library of basketball training guides, books, and videos.

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