101 Tips for Better Volleyball Officiating offers bite-sized nuggets to improve your officiating experience regardless of the level being worked.

It is designed and written in a simple language for all to understand and covers topics that relate to things volleyball officials can do before the season, before their day’s match and after the match to better their experience. The bulk of the book, however, will focus on in-game situations that arise regardless of if you are serving as the first or second referee, in addition to tips for when you work as a line judge.

The book will talk about things you are not taught in the rulebook but need to be aware of. For instance, Tip #11 talks about setting your personal officiating goals for the season. There are some goals you can control, like how to concentrate throughout an entire match, but other goals like getting a state playoff assignment are out of your control.

Tip #43 tells you how to be prepared for calling an illegal back-row block by finding the setters for both teams before each rally since nine times out of 10, they will be the player committing a back-row block fault.

The book is important because an official can take one or two of the tips and work on them that day. They can also be used by associations that have sport specific meetings as the tips can be used as topics for the day.