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From The Referee Archive

Baseball – When Is The Outfield In?

MLB Playoff Situation Shows Intricacies of Infield Fly Rule By Jon Bible In an October NL wild card game between Atlanta and St. Louis, umpire Sam Holbrook, working the left-field line as part of a … [Read More]

Volleyball – Speak The Language

By Pete Acampora Formal, Informal Signals a Must for Clear, Consistent Rulings The wide variety of languages used in our world can sometimes be a barrier to effective communication. Many of us have … [Read More]

Features – Eight ways to never get another game

By Tim Sloan Want to keep your officiating career on track? Here are a few things to avoid. The pages of Referee often feature the do’s for landing the next big game and breaking into the next … [Read More]

Feature – Catch This If You Can

It’s a question fans have debated for years: What’s the hardest thing to do in sports? Hit a baseball? Shoot par in golf? Score a goal in ice hockey? Drive a race car? Now, there’s another … [Read More]

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