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Training Corner

When the Calls Get Tough

Game after game you are faced with tough calls. There are a few types that basketball officials universally say are among the toughest to...

A Basketball Official’s New Best Friend

Basketball season is fast approaching. That means preseason prep. Every basketball official wants to look good and do well out there, as well as...

Referee Voices

Check out this new series of short talks from some of the best and brightest in officiating recorded at the 2017 Sports Officiating Summit.

Popular Articles

General Officiating

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Sport-Specific Articles

Catch to Dropped Ball

Fielders can often appear to make excellent diving catches, but the calling umpire for the play must have patience in that situation before declaring...

The Foundation of a Two-Person Crew

Interested in working a fast paced game where things are happening quickly, requiring you to stay completely focused? Then let’s partner together as a two-person crew for a...
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