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Training Corner

When the Calls Get Tough

Game after game you are faced with tough calls. There are a few types that basketball officials universally say are among the toughest to...

A Basketball Official’s New Best Friend

Basketball season is fast approaching. That means preseason prep. Every basketball official wants to look good and do well out there, as well as...

Referee Voices

Check out this new series of short talks from some of the best and brightest in officiating recorded at the 2017 Sports Officiating Summit.

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General Officiating

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Sport-Specific Articles

Career Suicide Can Be a Killer

Officiating is unlike many endeavors in that hard work, diligent study and the right temperament are not guarantees to success. Conversely, there are several...

Use Your Head With Doubleheaders

By Jon Bible Doubleheaders (DH) can be the bane of an umpire’s existence. At the most basic level, a DH just means two games instead of one, whether of...
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