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From The Referee Archive

Basketball – No Substitute for Awareness

By Albert J. Battista There is more to know than just foul or violation. Commonly astute officials might have heard once to have an awareness to what type of offense and defense each team is using. … [Read More]

Consortium Inc. Update

[Read More]

Football – Referees Can Prevent Abuse of Timing Rules

Timing rules are precise. They give us specific directions when to start or stop the clock. They also tell us whether or not the clock is to start on the snap. Timing considerations are based on how … [Read More]

Football: The Right (Tri)angle

By George Demetriou Safe, fair and fun. That phrase — that triangle, if you will — contains the ingredients to the best game you’ll ever have. And there is no reason why almost all your games cannot … [Read More]

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