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From The Referee Archive

Volleyball – Line Judge Protocols

Line judges have specific protocols to guide their positioning at the start of the match, during timeouts and when the server takes a position near them during the serving action. During the national … [Read More]

Baseball – Which Strike Do I Get?

By Don Umland An old adage that we hear from time to time is, “When in doubt, call ’em out.” While that is a myth that shouldn’t be followed for plays on the bases, perhaps there is a bit of truth … [Read More]

Feature – Mad About the Media

As the public sees plays repeatedly on TV, the scrutiny of officials increases, and more and more spokespersons for officials have gone on camera in different sports. What are the … [Read More]

Softball – Keep an Eye on the Infield Fly

By Jay Miner When it comes to the infield fly, we’re always reminded that the batter is automatically out when he or she hits a pop up (not a bunt) that can be caught by a fielder with ordinary … [Read More]

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