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From The Referee Archive

Volleyball – Over and Doubt

One Misplaced Pass Can Lead to Many Possible Faults By Suzanne Dodd Crushing an opponent’s overpass can be one of the surest ways for a team to win a point and gain momentum. It’s a foolproof way to … [Read More]

Football – Well Grounded in the Rules

How the Turf Can Influence the Game Whether it’s dry or wet, artificial or natural, the surface on which the game is played can have a marked influence on how the game is played and on specific … [Read More]

Baseball – Umpires Earn ‘A’ in Type ‘B’ Obstruction

By Steve Harms I attended the state tournament in my home state of Illinois. There was a play late in the Class 4A title game. While watching live, I wondered how the umpires were going to rule, … [Read More]

Basketball – Clean Up the Screen

We’ve seen the play a multitude of times. The ballhandler is dribbling up the court when a screener sets a blind screen on a moving opponent and huge collision occurs. Every person in the place sees … [Read More]

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