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From The Referee Archive

Feature – Catch This If You Can

It’s a question fans have debated for years: What’s the hardest thing to do in sports? Hit a baseball? Shoot par in golf? Score a goal in ice hockey? Drive a race car? Now, there’s another … [Read More]

Football – Tips for working as the Referee” with legendary white hat Jerry Markbreit

Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about how to determine what is a pass and what is a fumble. Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit, talks about what the referee does when two officials … [Read More]

Getting It Right – A Referee Gets Creative to Help Fight Cancer

By Evan Hoopfer Lou Levine always teased one of his friends about his friend’s thick nest of black hair. Before the start of the basketball season a few years ago, Levine thought it was time he … [Read More]

Football – Short, Simple and Complete

By Jon Bible Done Right, Onfield Meetings Can Be Effective Much has been written and said about the importance of perception in officiating. Image is everything, as the saying goes and that is … [Read More]

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