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Basketball – Clean Up the Screen

We’ve seen the play a multitude of times. The ballhandler is dribbling up the court when a screener sets a blind screen on a moving opponent and huge collision occurs. Every person in the place sees … [Read More]

Softball – Trouble Area

Partner Communication Essential for Tough Plays at First By Jay Miner The last half of the distance from home plate to first base is one of the biggest trouble areas in softball. To stay on top … [Read More]

Volleyball – What’s the Rush?

By Jim Momsen What does the phrase “leaving early” mean to you? Is it what you do when the conversation at a get-together starts getting heated about referees? Is it the act of exiting from your day … [Read More]

Basketball – Granting Timeouts

A point of emphasis this year in the NFHS revolves around the proper granting of timeouts. In the PlayPic, team A has just scored a basket and team B has the ball at its disposal for the ensuing … [Read More]

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