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From The Referee Archive

Softball – The 8-Minute Pregame

Concise Language for Three-Person Crew Develops Unity By Patrick Keim Arriving to the three-umpire system at various upper levels is the culmination of hard work, preparation and demonstration of … [Read More]

Volleyball – Line Judges: Gotta Have Moves

The speed of today’s game requires line judges to be mobile and alert, and responsive to changing match situations and playing actions.  Their base position at the intersection of the endline and … [Read More]

December 2015 Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

"That 40-Year-Old Checklist" Drawn from his Publisher's Memo in the December 2015 issue of Referee magazine, Barry Mano discussed "That 40-Year-Old Checklist." View the Pub Memo Archive … [Read More]

Football – Yawner? Blowout? Guess Again

By Jon Bible Iremember sitting at the breakfast table on the morning of a late-season game between two cellar-dwellers. One official, a garrulous person whose normal speaking voice could be heard in … [Read More]

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