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Training Corner

A Basketball Official’s New Best Friend

Basketball season is fast approaching. That means preseason prep. Every basketball official wants to look good and do well out there, as well as...
football line judge

The Heart and Soul of Every Football Crew

While every position on a football officiating crew is important, the wing officials might just be the heart and soul of the group. Involved on...

Referee Voices

Check out this new series of short talks from some of the best and brightest in officiating recorded at the 2017 Sports Officiating Summit.

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General Officiating

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Sport-Specific Articles

Poor Signals Lose Time

By Gerry Grunska Recently I witnessed a victory that was essentially accomplished through timing errors by the officials. The process went like this. Time was running out for team...

Four Eyes Off The Ball

From years of being around high-level Division I men’s college basketball officials, Ray Natili learned to train his eyes and “quit looking at the basketball.” It’s a mantra...
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