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From The Referee Archive

Football – Say ‘Hi’ to the New Guy

By Jon Bible If you’re used to working on a crew with the same people from week to week, you know that you can quickly reach a comfort level. Everyone knows what to expect from each other on and even … [Read More]

Feature – The Eras of Our ways

Expectations for officials are changing. The contrast between how we did things years ago and now is great. A more professional approach rules the day. By Tim Sloan Ron Luciano, who died in 1995, … [Read More]

Volleyball – Follow the Setter

Why It’s Important to Key on One or Two Players By Julie Voeck Referees need to know how to identify front-row and back-row players on both teams throughout the match. That can be challenging … [Read More]

Baseball – Know Who’s Designated

At the pregame meeting, it is the plate umpire’s responsibility to review the lineup card submitted by each coach. One of the biggest issues that has to be dealt with is the designated hitter. In … [Read More]

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