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From The Referee Archive

Baseball – When Are You in Charge?

By George Demetriou The NFHS strives for consistency among all the sports for which it writes rules. The jurisdiction of officials has come under recent scrutiny as a result of a football game … [Read More]

Football – Hands Off! When Ineligibles Touch A Pass

By Judson Howard It is the dream of most offensive linemen to have a chance to run with the ball. In many cases, if possession was obtained after a fumble or muff, the lineman’s fantasy comes true. … [Read More]

Feature – Football Clete – Clete Blakeman Biography

Originally appeared in the February 2015 issue of Referee Magazine. Click here to subscribe. BY DAVE SIMON   CLETE BLAKEMAN’S PERSONALITY HAS WON HIM MANY ADMIRERS. IT’S ALSO HELPED HIM … [Read More]

Softball – Infield Fly Basics

By Jay Miner Behold the words of famed early sports expert and philosopher extraordinaire Oswald Tower (1883-1968). Tower unabashedly proclaimed, “All sports games should progress with as little … [Read More]

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