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Softball – Baserunner Interference

A common form of interference involves a baserunner getting hit by a batted ball while he or she is off base and before a fielder has a chance to make a play on the ball. A common form of … [Read More]

Baseball – Weather Woes

An important concept in umpiring is learning to control the things that you can control. We can control the amount of time that we spend in the rulebook. We can control whether we attend camps in an … [Read More]

Basketball – Five Minutes with Marc Davis

Marc Davis, NBA Referee, talks about how to have an effective pregame and provides some tips on how to handle pregame meetings with the crew. Hometown: Chicago Experience: In his 17th year on the … [Read More]

Soccer – 5 Minutes With Kevin Terry Jr

Kevin Terry Jr., MLS Fourth Official, talks about working international matches. Occupation: Physical education teacher at Whitsitt Elementary, Nashville, Tenn. Experience: Second-year fourth … [Read More]

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