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Feature – 7 Things You Must Know About Game Contracts

Sports officials use contracts all the time, but do they know what they’re all about? Because officials don’t fit the mold in terms of employer/employee, it is a must to know the essential elements of … [Read More]

All Sports – Eight Ways to Ruin Your Reputation

As an official all you have is your reputation. Screw it up and say goodbye to assignments and your career. Here are eight sure-fire ways to ruin what you worked so hard for. By Tom Schreck 1. Be … [Read More]

Basketball – Five Minutes with Lauren Holtkamp

Holtkamp’s transition from D-League to NBA. Residence: Atlanta Experience: Officiating since 2004, Holtkamp is in her first season as a full-time NBA referee; worked in NBA D-league for the last … [Read More]

April 2015 Officiating In Perspective with Barry Mano

Robust Self-Belief Referee magazine Publisher Barry Mano shares his thoughts -- taken from his publisher's memo in the April 2015 edition -- on the Holy Grail in the collective endeavor of … [Read More]

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