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105 Websites and Apps Worth Checking Out

  GENERAL EDUCATION 1 | Referee.com 2 | Referee.com/MyReferee 3 | NASO.org 4 | SportsOfficiatingSummit.com 5 | NFHS.org 6 | Sportsofficials.ca 7 | Forum.officiating.com   SOCIAL … [Read More]

How to Give Accurate Evaluations

You’ve been asked to evaluate a fellow official and have been given an evaluator’s checklist. In many instances checklists offer only a limited perspective on how officials perform. The trouble is … [Read More]

There’s No ‘I’ in Crew

“Perception is reality.” When it comes to officiating team sports, that’s often the absolute truth. It doesn’t matter what sport you're officiating, crew cohesion is a must if your crew is to be … [Read More]

Practice Proper Preparation

Your game assignment actually begins well in advance of game day. Here is a list of important things to do as the assignment approaches: Verify the assignment. At the very least, call the school … [Read More]

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