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From The Referee Archive

Softball – Wait a Second

Pitching Pause Among 2017 NFHS Points of Emphasis By Todd Korth It has become common for players to wear wristbands that include play calls, color coded into different sections with many … [Read More]

Soccer – Don’t Flag Referee’s Back

“When do I help my partner?” That question comes up often when you are running the line and wanting to do a good job. Advice to Referees 6.3 offers these thoughts: “Assistant referees should not … [Read More]

Baseball – When Is The Outfield In?

MLB Playoff Situation Shows Intricacies of Infield Fly Rule By Jon Bible In an October NL wild card game between Atlanta and St. Louis, umpire Sam Holbrook, working the left-field line as part of a … [Read More]

Volleyball – Speak The Language

By Pete Acampora Formal, Informal Signals a Must for Clear, Consistent Rulings The wide variety of languages used in our world can sometimes be a barrier to effective communication. Many of us have … [Read More]

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