Training Corner

So You Think You Don’t Have Time To Train?

Most officials would love to be able to pick up some tips and advice regularly to get better, but for most of us, it's...

Stop Searching For Good Video

Preparing for a new season can seem daunting. How can you get ready quickly yet effectively? With video, that’s how. Studies show that many people learn...

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General Officiating

Ed Hochuli On Balance

It takes extraordinary strength to take charge of a Super Bowl – strength of will, of desire and of conviction. Ed Hochuli has done...

Balance is Beneficial

Having your priorities straight means having balance in your life — job, family, officiating and other things important to you. If you put too much emphasis...

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Sport-Specific Articles

Hold It! Who Handles Ballhandling?

A primary responsibility of the first referee is to determine whether a player makes legal contact each time he or she plays the ball....

Front and Center

The three major keys to success in the two-umpire system include a system of angles, compromises and priorities. Here’s what that means. Angles In the two-umpire...