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From The Referee Archive

Baseball – Nose to Nose

Fans love seeing the nose-to-nose arguments in an MLB game, such as what is going on with MLB umpire Andy Fletcher in the photo. But that’s actually not how umpires at the college and high school … [Read More]

Feature – The Ripple Effect

Officiating has undergone a number of significant changes in the last several years. Few have happened overnight, however. Instead, it’s been a steady evolution in our industry. By Rick … [Read More]

Baseball – ‘Got Him in the Box!’

Batted Balls Off the Foot Require Slow Timing, Luck By Jon Bible The opening game of the 2011 MLB World Series featured what my former football supervisor, Tim Millis, calls a funk-Jon play — one … [Read More]

Basketball – Two-Minute Workout

Here is an example of a two-minute basketball-specific sequence, mentioned in the 7/15 issue of Referee, that you could incorporate in your workout routine: • Start on the endline and sprint down the … [Read More]

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