NEW 2021-22 Basketball Officiating Insider Series

The Insider Series: Basketball is a digital subscription that will get you a variety of topical multimedia guides delivered throughout the 2021-22 basketball season.

Here is what you can expect and when:

#1 Preseason Primer (9/1/21 – Available Now)

In this first installment of The Insider Series, we are taking a deep dive into helping high school basketball officials get ready for the upcoming 2021-22 season. Among the highlights featured in this Preseason Primer: mechanics tutorials, a look at new NFHS rules and points of emphasis, in-depth philosophical advice, and a discussion with NCAA women’s basketball secretary-rules editor Jon Levinson about rules study in preparation for a new season.

#2 Pivot Foot Recognition (11/8/21 – Available Now)
#3 Bench Decorum (11/22/21)
#4 Offense-Initiated Contact (12/6/21)
#5 Defensive Verticality (12/20/21)
#6 High Ball Screens (1/10/22)
#7 Clock Awareness (1/24/22)
#8 Postseason Primer (2/7/22)

Each new guide will be delivered directly to your Referee Digital Portal app on the corresponding date.