Position Power: Working the Referee Position

If you work or are going to work the Referee position, you most likely already have an idea of what you’re in for. People like you are usually not afraid of a challenge, but are adventurous, natural-born leaders or maybe just the type who wants to get out to the middle of the field away from those coaches on the sidelines. Whatever the case, you know you need to be ready. At any level, working as the referee is a huge responsibility.

Position Power: Working the Referee Position was built specifically to prepare you to be the referee and to help you perform better if you already are one. Every part of the Referee’s responsibilities is broken down and supported with definitions, scenarios, best practices and tips.

You may have many years under your officiating belt or you may be fairly green, but no official knows everything and the referee position is too important to undertake unprepared.

Position Power: Working the Referee Position is a must-have resource for anyone wearing the white hat, or looking to take that next step.

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