Position Power: Working the Umpire Position

In the old days, you didn’t choose to be an umpire. You got stuck doing it.

Those days are long, long gone.

The modern umpire must not only be one of the better athletes on the field, he needs to be mentally sharp. One second the umpire is determining the point of attack and watching the action there. The next he is dodging large, muscular players oblivious to his presence but seemingly hell-bent on running him over.

The umpire is so important to the crew that Referee decided to dedicate a book to working the position.

Position Power: Working the Umpire Position is filled with easy-to-read chapters covering the major aspects of your duties such as enforcing penalties, determining the point of attack, positioning and coverage and many more.

We hope that after reading it, not only will you volunteer to be an umpire, you’ll relish the opportunity because you’ll have the knowledge you need to excell.

Sample Chapter