Targeting & Other Personal Fouls

CRACK! Helmet to helmet. Even if you don’t see it, you’d know it by the sound alone. Targeting.

Survey after survey indicate that parents, fearful of the dangers of the game, are not allowing their children to play full-contact football. Could the well run dry? Will we run out of players someday?

Time will tell. But for the here and now, one way to make the game more appealing is to rid it of excessively violent contact. These days that’s a euphemism for targeting.

We need to walk away from the notion that targeting and other illegal hits are just “good old fashioned, hardnosed football plays” and are actually a potential death knell for our great game.

To make a difference, you need to understand targeting, learn to anticipate it, see it as often as possible and call it every time. Officials are leading the charge to make the game safer.


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