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New Video Guide on Targeting is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

The holy grail of officiating training is useful video. The key word there is 'useful'. In sports, video is now everywhere. The problem with...

Do Your Part To Get More Officals

When someone wants to become an official, it can sometimes be confusing or daunting to navigate the landscape of state and local associations. NASO is...

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General Officiating

MLB umpire Steve Rippley ejects 17 during one ’84 game

It may happen that an umpire can go through an entire career without a “hat trick.” That’s baseball parlance for ejecting three participants in...

DQ’d: Tyson vs. Holyfield June 28, 1997

Five days after ending the notorious Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield fight with a Tyson disqualification, Mills Lane is holed up in his Nevada District Court...