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Training Corner

baseball extreme rules challenge

How Well Do You Know Baseball Rules??

Most umpires have confidence in their rules knowledge, or else you wouldn't feel comfortable working games. But is your rules knowledge extreme? Over the years...

Recruitment & Retention Website Available to All

Coming directly out of the highly successful Sports Officiating Summit held last July in New Orleans, the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) has...

Referee Voices

Stand up for officiating and be heard. Referee Voices is a new series of talks from some of the best and brightest in the officiating community.

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General Officiating

Highest-Scoring Game in NCAA History: Troy State vs. DeVry Jan. 12,...

Defense went out the window when Troy State and DeVry Institute engaged in the highest-scoring game in NCAA history. Fifty-one three-pointers by one team are just part of...

Get in Game Shape, Stay in Game Shape

Many officials procrastinate until just before the season of the sport they are working to get into “game shape.” That method of thinking can...