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Training Corner

Recruitment & Retention Website Available to All

Coming directly out of the highly successful Sports Officiating Summit held last July in New Orleans, the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) has...

The Basketball Plays You Have To Get Right – Right Now

All sports have certain plays that define them at any point time. Games evolve and basketball is no exception. New techniques, faster and stronger...

Referee Voices

Stand up for officiating and be heard. Referee Voices is a new series of talks from some of the best and brightest in the officiating community.

Popular Articles

Sport-Specific Articles

Use Player Reactions to Decide Fairness

Gil Weber, USSF National Emeritus referee and contributing author to several USSF publications, described the referee’s task: “Refereeing is all about fairness. It’s balancing...

Official/Player Communication Influences Conduct

Trying to manage a football game would be nearly impossible without effective and pointed communication. Although managing players is primarily the responsibility of the coaching staff, officials can facilitate the...
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General Officiating

How to Pass on Your Wisdom

Whether you’ve been officiating for some time or you simply have three more games under your belt than another official, you’re in a position...

9 Characteristics of a Good Mentor

Ask anyone who has “made it” in officiating about the people who have helped them along the way and they will without a doubt have a list of...