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From July 30–August 1, Southern California will be the center of the officiating universe as we attack the critical issues facing the industry.

Ohio measure would create mandatory penalties for attacking sports officials

Ohio House Bill 139 would require a mandatory fine and community service for a misdemeanor.

Umpire Thomas Sears to officiate at CAC Games

World Baseball Softball Confederation umpire Thomas Sears has been invited to participate in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

Howard Webb highlights some of the PGMOL improvements

PGMOL chief refereeing officer Howard Webb joins the panel to access officiating and how it's improved this season.
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NFHS Voice: Wake-up Call Issued for High School Sports

NFHS CEO Karissa Niehoff says recent gambling scandals at the college and professional sports levels should serve as a wake-up call.

John Higgins tabbed as new coordinator of Western Basketball Officiating Consortium

John Higgins has been selected to nine Final Fours and called two NCAA Division I National Championship games.

Local referees react to video of fight between parent and Fort Wayne official

The abuse officials endure takes its toll. There’s a shortage of officials right now, in large part because of poor treatment of referees.

Angry coaches, nasty parents could be to blame for umpire shortage

"The last year or two have been more difficult," he said. "Because of COVID, fewer people have been certified as umpires."
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Unsportsmanlike conduct: Rise in verbal, physical assaults has officials on edge

How bad is it and what can be done? For answers, we convened a panel of officials of all stripes for a roundtable discussion.

Launch of new Junior Umpire Program a success

The Junior Umpire Program is part of Cricket Victoria’s newly implemented umpire strategy to increase the number officials.

Gene Steratore Hired as Supervisor of Football Officials

The Great Midwest Athletic Conference is pleased to announce the hiring of Gene Steratore as its Supervisor of Football Officials.

WATCH: Fight involving referee breaks out at basketball game in Fort Wayne

As the official attempted to get help in removing the parent, the man got in his face and grabbed the referee, according to the...
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Ted Bernhardt, former NBA referee, passed away suddenly

Bernhardt, originally from Indiana, worked as an NBA official for 17 seasons (1988-2006).

CDC & NASO lead the way on concussion training for officials

The CDC & NASO partnered to bring sports officials the premier online concussion training program, absolutely free.

Fewer umpires for youth sports

Figures show that youth sports have lost officials and many say unruly parents may, in part, be to blame.

Girl Umpires: junior program debuts at Alta Vista

“You’re allowing kids to have fun, and the little girls to have role models,” said parent Andy Casaña.
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NFLRA to Receive Mel Narol Medallion Award

The National Football League Referees Association (NFLRA) was chosen as the 2023 NASO Mel Narol Medallion Award Recipient.

Toxic parents, dwindling officials and the march toward T-ball replay

We have reached a tipping point with youth sports in this coarsening country. Major-league expectations and 2023 arrogance.

America has an umpire shortage – Unruly parents aren’t helping

The uptick in abuse against umpires and referees in youth sports has had a dramatic impact.

WATCH: refereeing became a purpose

Susan Chue has quite the resume of crafting young minds in school and she's a pioneer for many women in sports.
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‘Liquored up,’ ‘entitled,’ and ‘unhinged’: Parents’ bad behavior is ruining kids’ sports

NASO President Barry Mano sat down with Al Lubrano from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

How the NCAA protects against lightning dangers at baseball games

An event meteorologist's job is to keep players and spectators safe by tracking the weather around the stadium – especially lightning.

Massachusetts lawmakers want more protections for sports officials

The Massachusetts legislature’s House Judiciary Committee held hearings on legislation looking to protect sports officials.

Baseball Umpire recognized by Baseball BC

“It is the contribution of young umpires like Brady that helps us continue the development of our younger umpires.”

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