State By State Independent Contractor Unemployment Resources

State by state, the impact of the recent CARES Act will affect sports officials differently. It is our ultimate goal to provide you...

Join the fight against pancreatic cancer in support of Tony Brown

(6/18) Tony Brown, respected veteran NBA referee, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2021.
coach communication

Coach Communication Done Well

Communication between officials and coaches is extremely important and is an essential element of a properly officiated game. Most coaches identify good communication...

2021 Little League® Baseball and Softball World Series Umpires Announced

(6/17) The official umpires for the 2021 Little League® Baseball and Softball World Series Tournaments have been announced.

Master of the Rules

Mastery of playing rules doesn’t just mean ‘knowing’ what a rule reads R od Serling might have put it this way: Imagine you’re attending your final...

State Softball Tourney Played In Memory Of Umpire Chris Long

(6/16) The 2021 IHSA Softball State Tournament is being played in memory of long-time IHSA umpire Chris Long.

NFHS Learning Center for All Groups in High School Sports

(6/16) One of the most challenging yet fulfilling years in the history of education-based athletics and performing arts is drawing to a close.

Want to be a referee? KHSAA says it’s facing a ‘critical shortage’ in every...

(6/16) The Kentucky High School Athletic Association says they are in desperate need of officiators in every sport.

Kentucky city won’t keep score in T-ball after game ends in adults fighting

(6/16) An Eastern Kentucky city banned scorekeeping and championship tournaments for its T-ball league.

On Your Mark, Get Set … Stay There

Recently, I came across a couple of film clips taken from major league games played decades ago. In one, an umpire called a...

MLB says ejections/suspensions for foreign substances on balls

(6/15) Pitchers will be ejected and suspended for 10 games for using illegal foreign substances to doctor baseballs.

Spanish referee picked to officiate Copa América match

(6/15) A Spanish refereeing crew was selected Tuesday to officiate a Copa America game.

‘Really sad.’ Adults fight at Eastern Kentucky Little League game. Charges possible.

(6/15) Things got ugly at a Little League championship game in Eastern Kentucky Monday when parents and coaches got into a fight.

Nolan Ryan’s Final Hit Batter: August 4, 1993

I n his illustrious 27-year career, Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan hit 158 batters. “He did not have a reputation as a headhunter,” said...

Basketball coach chokes referee in postgame incident caught on camera

(6/14) Local basketball coaches and referees on Monday responded to a video recording of a choking incident from the weekend.

NBA competition committee exploring rule changes to restrict unnatural jump shot motions

(6/14) The NBA's competition committee met Monday to further explore rule changes to restrict the unnatural motions surrounding jump shots.

KSHSAA sees drop in referees, increase in bad sportsmanship

(6/14) Bad sportsmanship is hurting your child’s chances of playing competitive sports, as fewer Kansans are signing up to be referees.

Pregame Meeting Etiquette

Pat the referee arrives at Hometeam High School for a basketball game. With Chris, the inexperienced partner, in tow, Pat approaches Hometeam Head...

Josh Encarnacion rising up the refereeing ranks

(6/13) Josh Encarnacion had to read the email a second time just to make sure he got it right.

Keep it between us

Some unseen things that go on before, during and after a softball game would really surprise the casual or even rabid fan. First is...

Why handball by defenders will be punished less by referees at Euro 2020

(6/12) The International Football Association Board (IFAB) updated the handball law in March stating that accidental handball will “no longer be considered an...

Sioux City Journal: Iowa needs more officials

(6/12) The Iowa High School Athletic Association hasn’t been blind to this problem. Executive Director Tom Keating acknowledged that the state has tried...

History made: Iowa Class 1A soccer final featured first all-woman referee crew

(6/11) While the players on the field battled for the championship trophy in the state final between Western Christian and Burlington Notre Dame,...

Joy Stauffer Named South Atlantic Conference Coordinator of Volleyball Officials

(6/11) South Atlantic Conference Commissioner Patrick Britz announced the appointment of Joy Stauffer as the SAC Coordinator of Volleyball Officials on Friday (June...


(6/10) A sub-group of College Football Playoff's (CFP) management committee today presented a proposal to change the current four-team format to a 12-team...

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