State By State Independent Contractor Unemployment Resources

State by state, the impact of the recent CARES Act will affect sports officials differently. It is our ultimate goal to provide you...

2024 Sports Officiating Summit: Registration Open

The center of the officiating universe will be Atlanta July 28-30, 2024. Register now!

NCAA: Football Rules Committee proposes technology rules

All rule recommendations must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, scheduled for April 18.

High School Soccer Rule Changes

Rule 12 of the NFHS Soccer Rules Book has been revised and reorganized to include “Stopping a Promising Attack.”

Rowing: The Looming Ref Crisis

They have the most thankless job in our sport. Usually unpaid, often unappreciated, referees are graying.

MLB umpire Pat Hoberg to help at training clinic in Des Moines

MLB umpire will participate in a training clinic in Des Moines on Saturday, March 2.

Game Changing Survey Results from 35,813 Officiating Voices

The National Officiating Survey powered by is the most comprehensive officiating survey ever completed.

Jen Pawol becomes 1st woman to ump MLB spring game since ’07

Pawol's spring training debut marked the first time since 2007 that a woman umpired a major league spring training game.

WIAA/WOA equips referees with body cameras

"We need to find a way to help people change their behavior," Hoffman said.

TODAY: See how MLB umpires train for the big leagues

Ever wonder what it takes to become an umpire in the major leagues? NBC’s Sam Brock goes to umpire school.

NCAA: Double contacts approved in women’s volleyball

NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee members debated the topic thoroughly at an in-person meeting in January.

In Florida and beyond, youth sports has problems, and it’s costing the kids

From referee shortages and hostile parents to club politics and fees, young athletes and officials are navigating.

Minnesota lawmakers consider bill that fines unruly youth sports fans

Lawmakers are again considering a bill that aims to stop unruly fans at youth sporting events by fining them $1,000.

NBA Says Referee Errors Are Down Amid Growing Complaints

“Errors are down. … About an error per game,” said NBA’s Senior VP of Referee Development and Training Monty McCutchen.

A Space to Make History – Setting Precedent on the Gridiron

Hanna Keller, a football official in Ohio, became the first woman to officiate an OHSAA state finals football game.

Bill protecting referees in Washington passes House, moves onto Senate

The House unanimously passed a bill that would protect referees, making it a Class C Felony to assault a referee.

Pawol to be first woman to umpire MLB Spring Training games since 2007

Pawol had been umpiring amateur baseball and softball for 10 years before making her pro debut in the Gulf Coast League.

LA Times – Upon further review: ‘In the world of officiating, Jim Tunney is...

And even midway through his 90s, Tunney still knocks it out of the park when recounting his storied career.

Stu Hartenstein Named Little League® Director of Umpire Development and Operations

The new role serves as a continued commitment to the growth and development of Little League’s umpires.


Returning to the USA to lead the Federation’s Refereeing Department is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

High School Football Rule Change

This uniform change in Rule 1-5-1b(3) was recommended by the NFHS Football Rules Committee.

Bill Vinovich is the referee for Super Bowl LVIII

Vinovich earns 3rd Super Bowl assignment, Perlman and Hill will retire on top.

NBA officials to debut sponsored patches at All-Star Game

A little more than six years after NBA players began wearing sponsored patches, NBA referees will do the same.

13 Leaders in High School Activity Programs to Receive 2024 NFHS Citations

The NFHS Citation is one of the most highly regarded achievements in high school athletics and performing arts.

MLR and USA Rugby to Collaborate on Referee Development and Form National Referee Team

This collaboration is aimed at solidifying a pathway for domestic referees into the MLR leading to Rugby World Cup 2031.

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