Umpires feel the impact of canceled college baseball season

(4/21) College baseball’s canceled season impacted players, coaches and programs at every level. They are not the only ones affected by the lack of...

After 51 years, official Jim Brackey has no plans to quit anytime soon

(7/7) Fifty-one years is a long time to do anything, but for the Thompson man – who officiates softball, football and basketball – the...

Female officials Q&A Part 1: Path to the NBA

(3/26) This season, there have been a record 7 female NBA referees who officiated at least one game. In the first section of a...

Iowa high school basketball player arrested after punching opposing player in handshake line

An Iowa high school basketball player has been arrested following an apparent assault on an opposing player at the end of a game.
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Refereeing a Prusz family affair

(3/2) “I literally called him at like two o’clock, and said, ‘Hey, you’re joining the game with me and Dad tonight at Pike Central,’...

NCAA Considering Single Location for Part of Future Basketball Tournaments

(4/6) A day after crowning a national champion for the first time since 2019, NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt told reporters...

Mike Dean to become Premier League VAR after retiring as referee

Mike Dean will become a dedicated video assistant referee (VAR) following his retirement from refereeing.

High school athletics threatened over drop in registered officials

High school athletes have returned to competition after a year of COVID quarantines. However, in many cases the officials have not.
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Foul Ball: WIAA down 1,600 officials since 2019; fan abuse a big reason why

(5/17) A survey by the National Association of Sports Officials shows nearly half of sports officials in Wisconsin fear for their safety at games....

Kentucky bill would make intimidating sports officials a crime

If the legislation becomes law, offenders could face up to a year in jail for threatening to injure a sports official or damage property.

“I could hear my heart racing”: Ukrainian women referee recalls journey to the top

(3/6) Since then she became the first woman to referee Ukraine’s domestic cup final last year and was named the best referee in the...

All-female referee crew works Oregon high school football game

An all-female referee crew made Oregon high school football history last week as the first all-female crew to work a game in the state.
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Sports shutdown due to COVID-19 impacts game officials

(4/8) Not to be lost in the shuffle are those who also exist within the symbiotic circle of the game: the officials.

Pac-12 hires MGM Resorts’ Kliavkoff as commissioner

(5/13) The Pac-12 hired sports entertainment executive George Kliavkoff to be the conference’s next commissioner on Thursday, replacing Larry Scott with a person with...

One referee highlights the benefits of being a game official as need rises

As the need for more sports officials rises, multi-sport official Jay Bizzari said that the commitment can be very enriching.

High school officials devastated over cancellation of spring sports

(4/21) Although the unthinkable cancellation of the spring high school season became increasingly inevitable, the sting still has devastated the state's student-athletes.
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NASO refutes claim that PIAA referees’ fees letter based on national recommendation

(5/4) NASO President Barry Mano told PennLive that his organization did not recommend officials submit tax information to high school athletic governing bodies —...

A big reason there’s a high school basketball season: referees

(2/5) For officials working high school games, the pandemic is just as much of an adjustment for them, "We're not used to having something...

Referee shortage leading to postponed, cancelled games

Referees are frequently the target of verbal abuse coming from the stands from parents upset with calls. Fan behavior has gotten significantly worse in...

Local referees looking for younger resurgence in sports officiating

(5/21) Officiating numbers are hoping for a large turnaround in local and state sports. Across New York State and in our region, there is...
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WIAA calls increasing trend of schools appealing to courts ‘troubling’

This week, the WIAA says decisions by its licensed officials are now under scrutiny.

‘Man in the Middle’: Europe’s referees return to play

(12/7) 'Man in the Middle', which has been unveiled in weekly episodes, gives a close-up view of the personal and professional lives of 16...

VHSL No Longer Requiring In-Game Masks

(12/15) The Virginia High School League rescinded last week’s announcement that prep student-athletes were required to wear masks while participating in practices and games....

Man who punched teen soccer ref apologizes

The man who was captured on video assaulting a teenage soccer referee has apologized, saying he's "deeply pained" by his actions and is seeking...

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