As officials, when we give 110 percent on the court or playing field, it is important that we refresh or recover after the contest. Because of its excellent benefits, chocolate milk is a highly recommended post-workout beverage.

Before studying the benefits of chocolate milk, prior research had only been done separately on milk and chocolate. According to, milk is known for its high nutritional value of building stronger bones, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis and tooth decay. It is a good source of calcium and vitamins A and D. Chocolate reduces fatigue and contains antioxidants. There are more antioxidants in darker chocolate and they help lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

When those two products were finally combined and learned about in studies, chocolate milk had a doubling effect of nutritional benefits on the body. In fact, the balanced ratio of carbohydrates and protein consumed after an exercise workout was nearly perfect. William Lunn, Ph.D., an exercise scientist at the University of Connecticut stated, “The combination of carbohydrates and protein in lowfat chocolate milk appears to be ‘just right’ for refueling weary muscles.” Chocolate milk is best consumed within 15 minutes after any high intense or strenuous activity or exercise. As an official, when we burn several calories, exert a lot of energy, sweat a good amount or our body feels tired or sore, implementing chocolate milk after the contest into our postgame can be a wise decision.

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Chocolate milk essentially offers three main benefits after a workout:

  • It aids in muscle building recovery.
  • It helps us restore energy to feel less fatigued and exhausted.
  • And last, similar to water and sport drinks, it also rehydrates our entire body.

The protein in chocolate milk is key to muscle recovery. Next to carbohydrates and fats, protein is one of the three macronutrients our body needs to function. Instead of providing a substantial amount of energy like carbohydrates do, protein repairs and builds lean muscle tissue. The amino acids found in protein also reduce the risk of injury. When leg muscles are sore after officiating an up-tempo basketball, soccer or football game or when finishing up a weight training exercise, consuming the protein contained in chocolate milk is beneficial and better suited for post-workout.

Keeping our energy levels up shortly after a game or match will help us feel less fatigued and tired. The prime source of energy is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates turn to glycogen in the muscles for energy during a workout. That is why consuming foods with long-term or complex carbohydrates is recommended before a workout. However by the end of the workout, the muscle energy and glycogen levels are depleted and gone causing us to feel exhausted. For participants in endurance sports or for games going into overtime, it’s important afterward to activate the healing process right away to recover properly. By drinking chocolate milk, the short term or simple carbohydrate known as sugar from the chocolate and lactose combined gives our body the right zap and dose of energy to metabolize, lift and speed up our muscle recovery process.

Another part of full recovery and the third benefit of chocolate milk is rehydration. Although milk contains water, the ultimate replenishment of fluids after sweat loss is pure water in itself. Sport drinks are also helpful in rehydrating by providing electrolytes in the body. Unfortunately, after a vigorous workout or long game there is a lot more to rehydration that we do not realize our body needs. With the necessary percentage ratio of protein to carbohydrates and the vitamins provided, the nutritional quality and value of chocolate milk exceeds other products for an after-workout recovery drink.

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Complete nutritional quality and a well-rounded official can be similarly compared and related. Well-rounded officials go beyond by not only having excellent skills in officiating, but in other areas and functions of the game. That may include for instance having additional knowledge of the sport or keen game sense. Former players and coaches who officiate, multi-sport officials and dedicated students of the game are all examples of potential well-rounded officials. There are other beverage-alternatives out there with high nutritional value such as protein shakes and caffeine drinks. As far as a complete, nutritional postgame beverage, add chocolate milk to the top of the list. Because of the vitamins, antioxidants and protein-to0carbohydrate ratio, it’s the most complete and well-rounded beverage. After a workout, its benefits are unanimous for muscle recovery, fatigue and rehydration. It’s the official way to referee fresh and referee your diet.

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