Below are the 2018 MLS officials, along with their home state or province, and their first year in that position in the league:


United States

Fotis Bazakos
Allen Chapman
Ismail Elfath
Chico Grajeda
Alan Kelly
Jair Marrufo
Chris Penso
Jose Carlos Rivero
Nima Saghafi
Robert Sibiga
Kevin Stott
Baldomero Toledo
Ted Unkel
Armando Villarreal
Drew Fischer
Dave Gantar
Silviu Petrescu

Probationary Referees

United States

Alex Chilowicz
Marcos DeOliveira
Joe Dickerson
Tim Ford
Ramy Touchan
Rubiel Vazquez

Assistant Referees

United States

Frank Anderson
Ian Anderson
Kyle Atkins
Claudiu Badea
Peter Balciunas
Andrew Bigelow
Cameron Blanchard
Eric Boria
Logan Brown
Jose Da Silva
Brian Dunn
Adam Garner
Jeffrey Greeson
Jeremy Hanson
Jeff Hosking
Jonathan Johnson
Mike Kampmeinert
Kevin Klinger
Kyle Longville
Craig Lowry
Peter Manikowski
Apolinar Mariscal
Eduardo Mariscal
Felisha Mariscal
CJ Morgante
Jeff Muschik
Matt Nelson
Kathryn Nesbitt
Corey Parker
Brian Poeschel
Corey Rockwell
Mike Rottersman
Nick Uranga
Eric Weisbrod
Jason White
Adam Wienckowski

Philippe Briere
Gianni Facchini
Richard Gamache
Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho

Probationary Assistant Referees

United States

Gjovalin Bori
Chris Elliott
Jeremy Kieso
Cory Richardson
TJ Zablocki
Micheal Barwegan
Chris Wattam

Video Assistant Referees

United States

Jon Freemon
Geoff Gamble
Jorge Gonzalez
Edvin Jurisevic
Caleb Mendez
Kevin Terry Jr.

Probationary Video Assistant Referees

United States

Malik Badawi
Guido Gonzalez Jr.
Alejandro Mariscal
Daniel Radford
Victor Rivas
Ricardo Salazar
Sorin Stoica

Assistant Video Assistant Referees
United States

Tom Supple


Robert Schaap

NASO Interrupter – Be VIP Every time You Travel NASO (640px x 165px)

Probationary Assistant Video Assistant Referees

United States

Jozef Batko
Joshua Patlak

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