The 2023 Sports Officiating Summit put on by the National Association of Sports Officials in Riverside, Calif. from July 30-August 1 was an event of historic proportion.

For the first time in the event’s five decade history, 100 organizations sponsored the three days. The 2023 rendition was the 41st annual Sports Officiating Summit and leagues, conferences, national governing bodies, charitable groups, gear/equipment retailers and more from around the world threw their support behind “BETTER SPORTS THROUGH OFFICIATING.”

Almost 500 individual leaders and active officials were on site at the Riverside Convention Center during the three-day span. Preceding the Summit, Saturday, July 29 was the statewide event Officiate California Day put on the California Interscholastic Federation and the CIF-Southern Section.

The Summit was capped with the Tuesday night Celebrate Officiating Gala sponsored by Fox 40. The evening was one of inspiration and celebration for everyone gathered. The National Football League Referees Association was honored with the Mel Narol Medallion for their long support of NASO. Retired NBA referee and current coordinator of women’s basketball officials for five college conferences on the west coast, Violet Palmer, was honored with officiating’s highest honor, the Gold Whistle Award.

The 2024 Sports Officiating Summit will be held July 28-30 in Atlanta.

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