Game after game you are faced with tough calls. There are a few types that basketball officials universally say are among the toughest to get right consistently – blocks & charges and judging contact and displacement.

These are often viewed as judgment calls, things that barely teeter on a fine line one way or the other.

But there are many things you can look at, recognize and anticipate that can help you become faster and more accurate when making these common, yet challenging calls.

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The Tough Calls Series is the best break down of Block/Charge and Contact/Displacement ever produced. Frankly, it might be the ONLY real attempt to get to the heart of these calls ever produced. But that’s because Referee knows what basketball officials go through, our staff is filled with active and former referees. 


Block/Charge and Contact/Displacement start with the official rules and add common best practices and the advice of experts to give you actionable insight you can use in your very next game. Plus, both books come with more than 30+ minutes of video plays that accentuate the chapters, really helping you retain what you’re learning.

Tough Calls: Block/Charge and Tough Calls: Contact Displacement are both available for $17.95 each or you can get them both in the Tough Calls Package for only $24.95. 


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