baseball extreme rules challenge

Most umpires have confidence in their rules knowledge, or else you wouldn’t feel comfortable working games. But is your rules knowledge extreme?

Over the years the baseball editors of Referee Magazine have seen and heard about hundreds of unique and difficult situations that umpires have faced across the country.

Now you can test your rules knowledge and see if you can handle those difficult situations correctly with Referee’s new Extreme Rules Challenge: High School Baseball Rules.

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Covering all aspects of baseball rules, these situations are bizarre, intense and complicated. They will force you to dig deep and really prove your rules comprehension and expertise.

Here’s an example of what you can expect:

With a runner on first, B1 singles. R1 advances toward third, but fails to touch second. As R1 nears third the ball is returned to the infield and F6, holding the ball, kicks second base in anger.

A: Is this considered a legal appeal?
B: How should the ruling umpire handle this play?
C: Where are the runners placed following the play?

The Extreme Rules Challenge: High School Baseball Rules is a digital publication available only through the Referee Digital Portal App on your phone, tablet or computer.

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