NASO’s Voice Supports Sports Officials

NASO’s Voice Supports Sports Officials


These are unsettled and unsettling times. Gatherings of all types have been postponed and cancelled. There are no sporting events being held. That is in the best interest of all of our citizens. At the same time, these cancellations are having and will continue to have a dramatic impact of the men, women and young people who officiate amateur sports. Many, if not most of them rely on officiating to provide much needed additional income each year. Now, that will be lost.

The Federal Government in Washington is giving consideration to a Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Bill for self-employed individuals. NASO is doing all in its power to inform the legislators that sports officials, as independent- contractors, must be included in the pending relief bill. So very often we go unnoticed and NASO wants to make sure we are part of the current stimulus conversation.

In that regard, early this morning NASO contacted its home-state Senator, Ron Johnson, to make him aware of the need we have in the officiating community. To drive the point home further, I believe it is critical that you, as an individual NASO member, contact the senators and representatives from your home state and add your voice to NASO’s.

To help you with that, here are the links to contacting US Senators and US Representatives. Please scroll through and then send your voice to each of them.

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

Feel free to include any wording from this letter. Remind your elected leaders that without sports officials, amateur sports cannot exist. I mean this most especially when it comes to high school, college, youth, club and recreational sports. Without us, all is recess. Without us, the rules are just ink on paper.

All we can do is try. All we can do is our best.

Barry Mano


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